Group of school-aged children

About Us

CITYcharities was founded in 2015 by a like minded group of people who saw an opportunity to fill the void that exists in the Arizona public school system with regards to teachers' personal expenditures made on everyday school supplies for their students. Arizona teachers personally spend upwards of $1000 per year on supplies while receiving marginal tax benefits for their purchases. Arizona is also ranked forth worst when it comes to teacher compensation.

Our mission is to link business owners and charitable individuals with classrooms in need to provide them with a year's worth of school supplies. We plan on doing this on a case by case basis, using cash and in-kind donations from the community, to make a meaningful and personal impact.

Through the efforts of our board members, and with much needed help from you, we look forward to making a huge difference in the education of our Arizona students.

Its the classy thing to do!

Group of school-aged children